Welcome to Vaya Con Perros

One couple + two dogs + thousands of miles of open road = adventure of a lifetime.

When we first met, one of us had a dream of living on a sailboat for a few months. The other one of us, however, gets seasick fairly easily.  Yet we both love to travel and we both have a sense of adventure. We started talking about it (because communication is key to any good relationship) and we eventually found a compromise: RV-living.

Yes, it’s true. We bought an RV. It’s like a sailboat on wheels but no one gets seasick. We’ll be living in that RV for 6 months and traveling around the United States and parts of Canada. Even better, we’ll have our two geriatric dogs with us. So while 2011 was the year of the wedding and Africa and the 165-mile hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail, 2012 will be the year of the RV.

Timeframe: We will be leaving Seattle on Friday, June 1, and plan to be back in the Pacific Northwest by early December. At this point the only definite stop we have on our calendar during that timeframe is for a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 22, in El Dorado Hills, CA, with Suzanne’s cousins, Pat and Dennis Dougherty.

Route: We will be traveling in a clockwise direction, heading east out of Seattle. This map shows a high-level overview of our route.  It is subject to change and is not an exact depiction of the route we plan to take (For example, we are not going through Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. I’m sure it’s lovely in the wintertime but we’re not going there, no matter what Google maps tells us to do).

We’d love to hear from you: You, our wonderful family and friends, have the power to change our route and impact our trip. We would love to know from you: Is there somewhere you’ve been in the country that you think we need to see? Is there a restaurant in your town that you think we need to try? Do you have a cousin in Muskogee, Oklahoma who you think we need to meet? Most importantly, do you have room in your driveway for a 36-foot Pace Arrow Vision? Please feel free to weigh-in on our adventure and offer your own advice and suggestions along the way!

That’s all for now. We’re getting RV driving lessons on Saturday, April 7, and will definitely let you know how it goes.

Welcome to Vaya con Perros!

See you down the road,
Suzanne, Kevin, Molly and Wylie


18 thoughts on “Welcome to Vaya Con Perros

  1. When we moved to Tacoma from Orlando we drove the entire way and by far, one of my most favorite states to travel through was Tennessee. It has majestic beauty and I realize it’s far from your route but I bet you’d be thankful to see it!

    1. Thanks Aubrey! I’ve been telling Kevin we need to go through Louisville, Kentucky (where I used to live). This is perfect advice since Tennessee borders Kentucky. I agree, we need to go a bit further into the interior of the country. Thanks for your advice!

  2. Don’t want to miss Great Falls,Mt, you’ll be close from Helena lots of history and great Lewis & Clark interpretive center, also don’t miss Mt Rushmore and Chief Crazy Horse memorial, we have friends working at visitor center. We look forward to sharing places that you can overnight along the way once you get started. RV driving lessons was a smart move. Love your blog name

  3. Definitely not cuidad Juarez, but El Paso would be great, sure Glo’s family would love to meet you guys, no room in their driveways, but Wal-Mart nearby.

  4. I love your sense of adventure! Living with someone, in a confined space is a true test of love, patience, understanding and trust! In May it will be 5 years since my husband and oldest son set out on their own adventure….cross country by motorcycle. They were on the road for 3 months and I joined them for about 6 of those weeks. Their route was just the opposite of yours as they left from NH and traveled down the eastern seaboard, across the bottom of the US and into Texas where I met them. I left the ‘funship roadshow’ in Oregon where my son had just moved to, but they kept going into the PNW and on into Canada. They traveled the northern route on the return leg. It was the trip of a lifetime as I know yours will be also. Enjoy these magical times together and the memories you’ll have, the people you’ll meet and the places you’ll see….they will stay with you forever.

  5. You two are hilarious. I told Suze that if you don’t come through Duneland Beach, IN you are in huge trouble. We have plenty of space for an RV and a number of kids dying to crawl all over it…

  6. Suz and Kevin! If I listed all the suggestions I have…well, it would look like the trip I want to take, and that’s not what this is about, is it?! I would be remiss not to tell you to go through Fayetteville, WV, the heart of the New River Gorge, second oldest river in the world and second longest single arch suspension bridge in the world, also former home of Jane. 🙂 There’s also a marathon in MD you said you’d think about… http://freedomsrun.org/. Insert giant grin here. As for that, my parents totally have room- and full hookups including cable- built especially for RVs in their driveway- in Shepherdstown, WV- so lodging for the race shouldn’t be a problem. Regardless of how the race works out, we would still love to meet you guys with our lil ‘ol tent, old dog of our own, and our campfire sandwich cookers for some good, old fashioned, outdoor fun! Can’t wait to follow your adventures!

  7. Wow you guys – this sounds so awesome! I think you can’t miss Moab – unless you’ve already been. I also agree with Aubrey about Tennessee and Kentucky – and the Blue Ridge Mountains. No, they aren’t the Rockies or the Cascades, but they have their own charm. Of course, I think you should head to that part of the country so you swing closer to our neck of the woods. As boring as Ohio sounds, and as dismal as the places Kevin traveled to with work … We think where we live in the countryside of western Ohio is absolutely beautiful and we love it, and think you’d enjoy it too. 😉 Having crisscrossed the country more times than I can remember, I have other suggestions too for altering your current course, routing around places where I think you’ll be bored… if you are interested, anyway.

  8. Howdy – If you’re in our area, (SE WI) I can help you find places to park the RV, however no room in my drive way. 😦
    I have family in San Bernadino Cali – but figure you know people in Cali. If you dont, I can get info there for ya too. 🙂

    I know people in Savannah, GA if you need a place there, let me know!
    Your drive in Florida – Clear Water (the west coast of FL) is beautiful!
    Do NOT drive through Juarez, but El Paso isn’t all TOO bad.
    Colorado Springs is beautiful – Know people there too.

  9. Come visit Delaware–an aunt, some cousins, and of course tax-free shopping. If we can land a helicopter on our driveway, surely there is room for an RV!

  10. As I told you, you are definately welcome at “the cottage”– Ludington, MI (west side of the mitten). It’s about 1 hour west of Big Rapids (for a frame of reference). On the other side of Lake michigan (in WI), we have very good family friends in Algoma (in Door County) near Green Bay. that would definately have space for you and would be delighted to provide local flavor! In either place, you’d be treated like family. And both sets of folks would make sure you had your own space but also got to see all that there is to see and do.
    Ludington is one of my favorite spots on earth. It is home to my favorite ice cream place—House of Flavors. Specifically, the Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream. I have dreams about it!

  11. I hope to be seeing you guys make a stop in Scranton, Pa!! Have a wonderful, safe trip! Post lots of pictures 🙂 Love, Katie

  12. you guys are awesome. I have family and close friends in the NJ, Boston and Tennessee….if you need any help in these states, let me know and I’d be happy to hook you up….Give Molly and Wylie a big smooch for me…

  13. Suzanne and Kevin,

    This is amazing!!! Matt and I are gonna try a much smaller rv in June Phoeniz-Denver. Doesn’t look like our plans will coincide, but there’s this awesome event called The 3-day (have you heard of it? :)!) In July 26-29 in Boston. I bet we can pull strings and can you a shower there in a mobile shower unit and really good company! 😉

    In August the Mooney’s (with my Mom) may be in Outer Banks, NC, renting a house. Details to be confirmed, we would love to see you guys! Oh and my Mom loves to cook so we’d feed you too!

    We don’t have much room for large vehicles in NYC, but again we could feed you, give you leisurely showers, and help you find a place to park your home! Oh, and your brother lives in NJ! We could definitely all go down the shore in NJ and stay with Matt’s family. There’s definitely room in NJ to park that thing! Let me know if any of my pleading to see you guys works ;)!

    Miss you! Safe travels!!


  14. Hi Suzanne and Kevin, Molly and Wylie! Hey, I have family in Colorado Springs if you go near there! My Auntie Marcia (dad’s sister) and uncle John. Super nice folks! Anyway, loving your entries, and nice pictures! Thanks for taking such good care of each other, you all look very happy!

  15. If you get to Boston, let me know. There are lots of Sullivan extended family for you to visit. I don’t think anyone has room for the RV except for maybe Tom and Gerry at 11 Upland Rd, Watertown 617-924-7589. It may be a close fit there even. Maureen and Glenn have just moved into their house in Scituate. I have no idea of the parking. They get a phone tomorrow. Hope all is going well.

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