We’ve Got Flair

Kevin’s parents surprised us with our own “Vaya Con Perros” bumper stickers. One for the RV and one for the toad*. As anyone who has ever seen Office Space knows, flair is very important and we anticipate that there will be more by the end of the trip. You can never have too much flair. … More We’ve Got Flair

The Maiden Voyage

We did it. We moved our RV out of Kevin’s parents’ driveway, we drove it somewhere else, we spent the night in it and then we drove it back to Kevin’s parents’ driveway and parked it. We managed to do all of this without running anyone over, without causing damage to our vehicle or to someone … More The Maiden Voyage

RV Basic Training

We knew it was going to be a good day when we met our RV driving instructor, Tom “The RV Guy” Gooch and discovered that he and his wife are also part of the Old Dog Haven family. Seriously, what are the odds? We found Tom through RV Basic Training, an organization that offers RV Boot Camp … More RV Basic Training