The Maiden Voyage

We did it. We moved our RV out of Kevin’s parents’ driveway, we drove it somewhere else, we spent the night in it and then we drove it back to Kevin’s parents’ driveway and parked it. We managed to do all of this without running anyone over, without causing damage to our vehicle or to someone else’s and without having any major arguments. We’d call that a successful maiden voyage.

(This picture on the right shows Kevin wearing his housewarming present from Suzanne. It says “RV There Yet?” That’s right, it’s an awesome t-shirt. And Kevin is smiling because when this picture was taken we had just parked the RV in space #13 at Kayak Point Park and were able to relax for the evening).

We embarked on our maiden voyage last Saturday, immediately following our RV driving lessons with Tom Gooch. We figured, why wait? We wanted to put what we learned into practice right away, and we did! One of the potentially dangerous situations Tom pointed out was when people start across a train
track with their RV and don’t think like a pilot and plan ahead. They don’t think about whether or not the entire RV can clear the tracks before they’ll be forced to stop, like when there is a traffic signal on the other side. We’re happy to report that Kevin passed the train track/traffic signal situation with flying colors. He knew we couldn’t make it across completely so he stopped short of the tracks and waited until the light turned green before proceeding. (Tom, you would have been so proud!).

We also survived our first experience at the dump station, successfully emptying our gray water and black water tanks at Marysville Public Works. (For the record, it wasn’t quite as gross as Suzanne was expecting it to be.) It’s part of the whole RV experience and we managed it like pros. Although, next time we’ll probably manage it like pros wearing disposable gloves and carrying a container of hand sanitizer.

A huge thank you to our new friend, Ranger Erica, for her help in securing us a campsite at Kayak Point Park. She made our first overnight adventure even more enjoyable. We had a great spot near the water and were able to walk Molly down to the beach before sunset. And, as you can see from this picture on the right, Wylie was all tuckered out after his first day of RV’ing. It really is a rough life being an RV dog.

We want to thank all of you who have been providing route feedback and suggestions, as well as those of you who have offered us a place to park, a real shower, a real bed, a real meal. It has been so much fun receiving advice from people we know as well as hearing from family-of-friends and friends-of-friends who we don’t know and may not meet until we’re on the road (and parked in their driveway). We have a busy few weeks ahead of us but we are looking forward to June 1 and our new adventure. See you down the road!

Pictures from our maiden voyage:


5 thoughts on “The Maiden Voyage

  1. I love this! Keep us posted, we will be following! Let me know where u plan on stopping on your itinerary. I have lots of friends and reletives along the way I might be able to hook you up 😉 Lots of adventure ahead. The RV is beautiful!!!! Envious!!

  2. Love the T-shirt! No greater thanks than to hear that you are staying safe on your travels. How was the first RV shower? I’m betting you’re thinking real hard about one of those new tankless water heaters…….

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