We’ve Got Flair

Our first piece of flair.

Kevin’s parents surprised us with our own “Vaya Con Perros” bumper stickers. One for the RV and one for the toad*. As anyone who has ever seen Office Space knows, flair is very important and we anticipate that there will be more by the end of the trip. You can never have too much flair. Thanks to Jim and Ginny for providing us with our first piece of flair!

*  “Toad” is a term that we in the RV world affectionately use to refer to our “towed vehicles.” In our case our toad is a Toyota 4Runner.

We haven’t gone out for any more overnights yet but we’ve been busy preparing for our trip. Last weekend we drove the RV to Les Schwab in Lake Stevens and had them replace all six tires with brand new Toyo Tires. The previous set of tires was questionable and although replacing all six was expensive we decided that if one blew out on the freeway we’d quickly be wishing we had spent the money on new ones. Remember, it’s easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.

Kevin and his dad, Jim, smiling after a successful inverter installation.

Kevin has completed a few of the projects on his list, the most exciting of which was the installation of an inverter, with help from his dad this weekend and from his brother last weekend. The inverter will allow us to do more boondocking as it produces AC voltage from DC battery power. This means that we will be able to go for longer periods of time without being plugged in or running our generator.

Suzanne has been preparing the dogs for the journey, taking them to see Dr. Waterhouse at Lake Union Vet and making sure they have the paperwork they need for when we cross into Canada. Their new dog bed should arrive soon and Molly now has a harness which will, in conjunction with the dog ramp, make entering and leaving the RV easier for her. The next step might be to order a pair of these t-shirts for the dogs, because dogs need flair too:

See you down the road!


3 thoughts on “We’ve Got Flair

  1. “Remember, it’s easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.” Classic; words to live by! And something I should make a point to remember!

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