It’s Really Happening

In less than three weeks we will be on the road. This is really happening. We are really going to be living in an RV for six months. The stars are aligning and things are coming together. We rented out our country house (aka Suzanne’s house) for another year. And we also just rented out our city house (aka Kevin’s house, where we currently live) for the six months of our trip. The couple who will be living here are relocating from San Francisco to Seattle and wanted something furnished while they explore the area and decide where they want to buy. It’s perfect. They get a fully-furnished house and we get to leave behind most of our things and not have to deal with storage. Hooray!

Thank you Staci and Amy!

Our RV projects are coming along nicely. Kevin is almost done installing the tow bar that will connect the RV with our 4Runner (aka our “toad”. And kudos to our friend Erin for busting out the word “toad” in conversation today. She’s obviously reading the blog!) Today Suzanne worked on organizing the cupboards while Kevin was working on the tow bar and we also played with the awnings. We hadn’t thought to check out the awnings before buying the RV so we were pleasantly surprised to find that they are both in great shape.

The closer the trip gets the more excited we are to hit the road and the more thankful we are for the wonderful people in our lives. Just the other day we received a “Bon Voyage” care package from Staci and Amy, two of Suzanne’s friends and co-workers. It contained a variety of delicious food items along with quick and easy recipes we can make while we are on the road. Such a thoughtful gift! We started stocking our RV cupboards today after unpacking the box and are excited to try out these amazing recipes.

Speaking of wonderful people, our friend Rebecca recently helped our cat, Gonzo, start his own blog. Gonzo will be staying with Rebecca, her husband Alan and their four-legged children while we are RV’ing. After much discussion Rebecca and Gonzo decided that he should have his own blog so we will know what he is up to while we’re away. We’re excited to read all about their upcoming adventures and you can too:

It’s tough being an RV dog.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks while we wrap things up in Seattle and get ready to head east. Kevin has one more trip to North Carolina for his interim consulting gig and Suzanne has two quick trips to Chicago before we go. Next weekend we’re coordinating a fundraiser in Woodinville, WA for Old Dog Haven. If you’re in Western Washington, you should come. Wine, old dogs and saying farewell to us. What more could you want? Even better, our Molly Malone is featured on one of the wines!

The next few weeks are sure to pass quickly, but we’ll be posting to the blog more frequently once we’re on the road. We look forward to seeing many of you during this trip and we appreciate all of the emails, phone calls and well-wishes we’ve received so far.  It’s happening. It’s really happening.


2 thoughts on “It’s Really Happening

  1. A small part of me is slightly jealous of your up and coming adventure. Another part of me – the non camper part – is glad I’ll be at home reading about your adventures. Y’all are going to have a blast.

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