Livin’ the Dream in Idaho

Suzanne on Lake Pend Oreille

When we posted on Day 1 we thought we might end up posting every day or multiple times a day because of all of the adventures we were having. What we discovered this weekend, however, is that we were too busy living the dream to take the time to write. Since we are both tied to our computers for work, it was so refreshing to set aside technology for the weekend and enjoy the great outdoors. So here’s what’s happened since we last wrote…
We woke up at Wanapum State Park on Saturday morning and had a leisurely morning, walking the dogs and enjoying the views of the Columbia River. We were on the road around 9:40am, heading east towards Spokane, WA. We had a few errands to run in Spokane, so we parked the RV at Home Depot, purchased a few things there and then unhooked the 4Runner and used that to get around town. We were back on the road around 5:00pm, heading north towards Sandpoint, Idaho.

Suzanne has a friend from college who grew up in Sandpoint and when we sent out our blog link a few months back Carson emailed us and said to let him know if we needed any tips about what to see or where to go in Idaho. We reached out to Carson a few weeks ago as we were looking at our map and he put us in touch with his dad, Larry, who also grew up in Sandpoint, lives there now and knows the area very well. Even though Larry had only met Suzanne once, many years ago, and had never met Kevin, he and his wife Mary Ann not only offered to provide advice, they also offered to let us park in their driveway.

When we arrived on Saturday evening we quickly realized it was more than just a driveway. It was a beautiful 10-acre farm just north of Sandpoint. There were horses and chickens and cats and an incredible view of the Cabinet Mountains. We received such a warm welcome from Larry and Mary Ann, it was like we were long lost friends or relatives. The welcome didn’t stop there, however. After we parked the RV and settled in and cleaned up, it was time to head out to dinner.

Larry and Mary Ann treated us to dinner at Ivano’s, an incredible Italian restaurant in downtown Sandpoint. From there, we headed to Downtown Crossing to listen to live local music. We highly recommend that you check out Cedar and Boyer. They’ll be on tour in California and Washington later this month.

The next morning we woke up to a homecooked breakfast on the back deck, which overlooks the pasture and the mountains beyond. What a great way to start the day! The dogs were happy to be able to join us too.

After breakfast we headed into town for awhile and then we followed Larry out to their cabin on Lake Pend Orielle. (Not only did they offer to let us park at their house for one night, they also offered to let us park at their cabin for a second night.) We asked Larry ahead of time about the roads out to the cabin (because our RV driving instructor, Tom Gooch, taught us to always think like pilots and plan ahead). Larry assured us that we would be fine and that they had had another similar sized RV out there before.

We’re glad Larry was confident in our skills, because as the roads continued to get more and more narrow the closer we got to the cabin, we weren’t quite sure we were going to make it. There were a few places on the final dirt road that were extremely tight, but Kevin navigated them like a pro and we made it through. This was one of those many instances when we are so glad that we took driving lessons. It’s definitely helped increase our skill level and our confidence.

Once we parked the RV on the private beach we spent the rest of the day relaxing. Larry and Kevin did a little fishing and we all enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful weather. It really was a perfect Sunday afternoon. And as if things couldn’t get any better, the three of us had dinner right there on the beach.

We are so grateful to have had this warm welcome to Idaho and to the start of our trip. After the first wild afternoon of navigating freeway driving it was comforting to spend the weekend in the company of such warm and generous and welcoming people. We’ve only been on the road for a few days but it seems like a few weeks after all of this weekend’s adventures. We’re getting more comfortable driving the RV (although Suzanne still likes to keep the speedometer below 50 mph, even on the freeway), we’re loving our new home on wheels and we are so grateful for the kindness of people like Larry and Mary Ann Jeffres. Here’s to livin’ the dream in Idaho.


5 thoughts on “Livin’ the Dream in Idaho

  1. What an exciting and welcoming start to a great adventure! I look forward to hearing about all of the details and I really appreciate the pix. I think it’s great that you guys are blogging and even better that you’ve decided not to be glued to the computer. What’s most exciting about this adventure is that you’ve got nothing to lose and every wonderful thing to gain!!!

  2. Wow! Larry and Mary Ann have set the bar very high for future hosts along your route. But that’s not really a surprise when I think back upon meeting Carson at Suzanne’s graduation. Send along a “Hello” to Carson for me, and my thanks to Larry and Mary Ann for being such great hosts for all the members of the “Vaya Con Perros” Magical Mystery and Mobile Worksite Tour.

  3. this is fantastic. i love that suzanne doesn’t like to go over 50mph even on the freeways. you guys are so cool.

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