Does This Thing Float?

If this RV doesn’t float then we may need to build an ark. It has been raining non-stop for 24 hours now in Columbia Falls, Montana. And not just raining, but pouring. We are hunkered down in a great spot at the Columbia Falls RV Park and are happy to not be on the road today but the natives are getting restless and there is a little bit of cabin fever happening.

When we left Sandpoint on Monday afternoon we headed east towards Montana’s Flathead Valley, which sits just outside Glacier National Park and includes Kalispell, Whitefish and Columbia Falls. On the way, Suzanne had the opportunity to test her driving skills in the same way that Kevin had on the narrow dirt road in Idaho the day before.

We came around a corner on Highway 2 to find a bridge that was under construction and had been turned into a one-lane road. A very narrow one-lane road. A very narrow one-lane road that was barely wider than the RV. With some guidance from Kevin and a very kind construction worker, Suzanne skillfully guided the rig from one end of the bridge to the other, without scraping anything, running over any cones, or driving off the edge to the canyon below. We made it safely to the RV park, settled in for the night and plan to be here at least until the end of the week.

This rainy afternoon in Montana seems like the perfect opportunity to provide an update on our flair. Anyone who has been following the blog up to this point is aware of our previous flair as well as the addition of our “Student Driver” magnets, inflatable palm tree and pink flamingo lights. We’ve added more since then. Before we left Seattle our friend Jessica gave us a sticker shaped like the state of Washington with a big heart in the middle (she also gave us some delicious local chocolate and coffee – you’ll notice the chocolate didn’t last long enough to make it into the photo). That Washington state sticker is now proudly displayed on the back of the RV, letting people know where we’re from.

We also received a set of blue fuzzy dice from our friends Jane and Dave, the ones who sent the palm tree and pink flamingo lights, among other fun things. The blue fuzzy dice are now hanging proudly from our back-up camera screen (which is the RV equivalent of a rear-view mirror). Jane and Dave also sent us these awesome “Vaya Con Perros” plastic drinking glasses. These were most recently used to drink red wine on the beach at Lake Pend Orielle. They are awesome not only because they have the name of our blog on them but because they aren’t breakable. We lost two real wine glasses the first night because we forgot that phrase we’ve each heard a million times: “Be careful when opening overhead bins as contents may have shifted.” Well…the contents definitely did shift and two wine glasses came flying out and hit the floor. That won’t happen with these.

Perhaps one of the most random pieces of flair we’ve received so far came from our friends Samantha and Craig. Samantha printed out a picture of our cat Gonzo, adhered it to a piece of posterboard and then put a stand on the back of it so “Gonzo” could ride on the dashboard while we’re driving. We have been having fun taking random pictures of “Gonzo” and we may at some point have some sort of competition to see who can spot him each week hidden in a picture. We’ll keep you posted if that happens (e.g. you may not think you see him in the picture below, but he’s hiding in Suzanne’s hair).

There are more pictures of Gonzo and our other flair in the album below. And just as a reminder, the real Gonzo does have a blog you can check out if you’re interested. (But oddly enough, it’s not written by the same friend who made the Gonzo picture, but those two are friends, so what does that say about our friends? I think it says they’re awesome).  That’s all for now on this rainy afternoon in Columbia Falls, Montana.


4 thoughts on “Does This Thing Float?

  1. that narrow bridge would have been where I got out, sat on the side of the road, and cried! Hurray for Suzanne giving drivers of the world a good name! And the rain must make you feel as if you’ve never left home!!!

  2. Jeez! Los pobres perros! Riding in an RV with Suz and Kevin sounds like an E-ticket ride at the original Disneyland … very exciting. On the other hand, kicking back en la casa on a rainy afternoon sounds like what a vacation is all about. Keep chugging, you two + two, and thanks for the entertaining updates.

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