Guest Bloggers: Deb and Tom

Editor’s Note: We are in Kansas City, Missouri, but are still catching up on the rest of our Minnesota adventures. We spent last weekend in Madison Lake, Minnesota, and had a fantastic time but somehow our hosts, Deb and Tom, convinced us to let them write this post as guest bloggers. (By “somehow” we mean that they plied us with wine first and by “Deb and Tom” we really just mean Deb. Tom was an innocent bystander). Regardless, the agreement was made and we’re not allowed to write anything about our experiences in Madison Lake. Instead you get a poem written by Deb and Tom, which may lead to more guest posts in the future if this one gets good reviews.

It started with “mind if we drive on your lawn”
And ended with “sorry for the hole as big as a pond”

Doesn’t really matter, it was great fun
Even if our driveway looks a little undone

 Saturday – 7/17

Kevin knew Deb from when they worked together
It was good to see him and Suzanne despite the hot weather

We did a quick introduction for Tom
After that we showed them around

We ate a quick lunch then took them out for a sail
For 30 minutes the lily pads had us in jail

The breeze was nice and the day was hot
The dogs in the RV were soon forgot

Upon arrival to shore without a minute to spare
Suzanne leapt-out as the dogs were ready for care

Suzanne took a nap as she was wiped out from the lake
We grilled some dinner after her little rest break

Tom’s Rock A ‘Billy band (he plays guitar) had a gig in town
Suzanne thought they were great and really got down

She danced with the wives of the band members all night long
She got to know them well, Friends for Life – just like the song

 Sunday 7/18

Did we mention they slept in their RV to keep their dogs calm
“Why did we wash the sheets,” said Tom

They came over having eaten breakfast already
And complimented Tom’s band, making him all heady

We decided to head out to a winery and brewery nearby
We came up with a lot business ideas that we hope don’t go awry

Wineries?  It’s true they are here in the Midwest
…okay…though possibly not the very best

We got back home and had a very light, almost nothing, meal
It was a lot of fun to talk and determine the terms of many business deals

Monday 7/19

With Monday comes the working week for usually every person
Unless you’re in an RV sinking into a driveway as conditions worsen

They made us dinner after telling us the news
We ate their fine meal and drank their booze

Tom and Kevin went out for another sail around the lake
While Suzanne and Deb chatted on shore and watched their wake

All kidding aside, we had a great time having them here
We have to say that we really envy their “career”

There you have it folks, our first guest post. If you liked this new feature let us know and we’ll include more guest posts in the future. Thanks to Deb and Tom for this great poem and for ending our time in Minnesota on such a high note. See you on down the road.


2 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers: Deb and Tom

  1. Yo Suz and Kevin,

    I didn’t know you two were actually closet Conservatives. Following in the tradition of Mitt Romney, you may be the first bloggers who have “off-shored” your writing … even if it’s only
    to the shores of Madison Lake, WI.

    I will have to admit that you chose excellent subcontractors in Deb and Tom. And, it sounds like you’re still having fun.

    Hi to Dean and Trisha in K.C.

    Peace and blessings, and Happy Trails,


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