Horses, Friends and Border Crossings

When we left Chris and Ferd’s cottage we didn’t have too far to drive before reaching our next destination. The next two stops on our journey both involved horses and both involved very special people Suzanne met while working on Mackinac Island. The first stop was Big Rapids, MI where we visited Chris and Wendell Weber. Suzanne met Chris when … More Horses, Friends and Border Crossings

Mackinac or Mackinaw

Okay folks, it’s time for another lesson. Is it Mackinac or Mackinaw? We’re asking because we recently visited Mackinac Island, Michigan, which is right across the water from Mackinaw City, Michigan. Go ahead, we’ll give you a few seconds to think about it…Mackinac or Mackinaw…la la la…Mackinac or Mackinaw…okay, here’s the answer: it was a trick question. … More Mackinac or Mackinaw

Loo-uh-vuhl and Beyond

Just before Suzanne moved to Kentucky in 2001, she was chatting with someone on a plane and when he asked where she lived she said, “California for now, but in just a few weeks I’ll be moving to Louisville, Kentucky”. Not knowing any better, she pronounced it “Lewie-ville, Kentucky”. The very nice man turned to her and said, … More Loo-uh-vuhl and Beyond