Scranton, Jersey and an Almost Broken Toad

Suzanne’s mom grew up in Dunmore, PA, which is a borough of Scranton, PA. There are very few places on our “must visit” list for this trip but Scranton was definitely one of them. When we left Rhode Island we knew we were heading straight to Northeastern Pennsylvania. Suzanne has been to Scranton many times over the years. She even lived … More Scranton, Jersey and an Almost Broken Toad

The Other Coast

We did it. We really did it. We made it to the other coast. We left Seattle, Washington, on Friday, June 1, and we reached Bar Harbor, Maine, on Saturday, August 25. Wylie was the first member of Team Vaya Con Perros to stick his toes in the Atlantic Ocean. We all followed suit shortly thereafter. Those … More The Other Coast