Our First Anniversary

On August 27, 2011, we said “I do” in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. On August 27, 2012, we went for a run in Bar Harbor, Maine, spent a few hours sea kayaking and then had a romantic anniversary dinner at a table overlooking the water. We absolutely love Bar Harbor. This was the first time either of us had ever been there and it actually reminds us a lot of the Pacific Northwest.

We parked the RV at Hadley’s Point Campground and found it to be a convenient location for exploring the rest of the island. We hiked Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. We ate some lobster. We spent time relaxing on the beach. We ate more lobster. We walked around town. We ate more lobster. But our favorite activity (other than eating lobster) was definitely the sea kayaking excursion.

We thought about renting kayaks on our own but ended up going on a guided tour and we’re glad we did. Our guide was Bill from Coastal Kayaking Tours and he was extremely knowledgeable about the area. He’s been guiding there for more than 30 years. We saw a bald eagle, we saw a pod of porpoises and we came close enough to the Margaret Todd sailing ship to get a picture of it without getting run over. It turns out that Bill lives in an RV and spends half the year leading kayak tours in Bar Harbor and the other half of the year working as a campground host in an RV park on the beach in Florida. An RV park on the beach in Florida? We have a feeling we may be seeing Bill again later in this trip.

After Bar Harbor we headed south along the coast to Kittery, Maine. Earlier in the trip when we were visiting our friends Deb and Tom in Minnesota they said, “You should stop and see Tom’s parents when you’re in Maine!” They called Tom’s parents, Pat and Conrad, introduced us over Skype and we made plans to call them as we got closer to Kittery. We had no idea if they would remember us or not when we called, so we were thrilled when they said, “We were wondering what happened to you! We’re so glad you called!” We showed up on their doorstep the next day and they treated us like they had known us forever.

On the way into town we stopped for lunch at Flo’s Hot Dogs in Cape Neddick, ME. Flo’s was another recommendation from Deb and Tom. It’s a roadside hot dog stand that’s been operating since 1959 and, if you’ve ever watched Seinfeld, the experience is very reminiscent of the Soup Nazi episode. You have to know how to behave (keep the screen door closed), how to order (number first, then toppings, but only when she asks) and while you’re on the premises you live in constant fear that you are going to do something wrong and she’ll yell “No hot dogs for you!” Fortunately that didn’t happen to us. Kevin ordered like a pro, we got our dogs and then we were back on the road. We’re not sure it was worth the wait (and the stress!) but the hot dogs were definitely delicious. (Sidenote: this picture is of the original Flo but her daughter-in-law runs the place now. We didn’t dare take a picture so we found this one on the internet).

Kittery is right across the water from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, so we spent some time in Portsmouth while we were there. The highlight of Portsmouth for Suzanne was probably Annabelle’s Ice Cream (It was so delicious!).The highlight for Kevin was probably Moe’s Deli (It was so delicious too!) We did do more than just eat while we were there though. Another highlight for us (one that didn’t have to do with food) was probably Prescott Park. It’s located on the banks of the Piscataqua River and is home to summer concerts and festivals. The entire area is home to a lot of history and we loved wandering the streets and admiring all of the old buildings.

Our time in Kittery overlapped with our plans to make a quick trip back to Portland, Oregon to see our friends Josh and Jill get married. So we left the RV parked at Pat and Conrad’s house and flew back to the west coast.  It was really strange being so close to home yet knowing we wouldn’t actually be home for another few months. Taking a trip of course meant boarding the dogs, which is a very sensitive topic for Suzanne (there may or may not have been tears when we dropped them off). But we found a good boarding place in York, ME which is just north of Kittery. Suzanne’s friend Laurie is originally from York and, in addition to making a few good recommendations for what we should see and do in the area, including a run along Long Sands Beach (which we loved!),  Laurie sent us contact info for her dad, who is a veterinarian in York.  Having a local emergency contact made us feel a little bit better about leaving them, but there were still tears. Fortunately all went well with the dog boarding and Suzanne seemed to be the only one affected by the experience.

After Portsmouth we headed south to Andover, Massachusetts, where we parked in the driveway of Peggy Scott, one of Kevin’s friends from his previous job. Peggy not only treated us to a delicious homemade meal, but she also treated our dogs to delicious homemade organic dog biscuits. Wylie also loved the fact that Peggy had such a huge grassy yard that he could wander for what seemed like forever without bumping into anything. Molly and Wylie are a little bit in love with Peggy and wondered why we ever had to leave her driveway. We may need to ask Peggy for her dog biscuit recipe before we have a mutiny on our hands.

While we were in the Boston area we spent a day wandering around town. Kevin spent a lot of time in Boston at his previous job but he mostly went from the airport to the hotel to the office to the hotel to the airport. And Suzanne was there once, briefly, for work in 2004, but hadn’t seen much of the city. We enjoyed wandering through Boston Common, we walked up and down Newbury Street, and we visited the Old North Church from where the “one if by land, two if by sea” signal was said to have been sent before Paul Revere’s midnight ride in 1775. We also had dinner with Kevin’s previous boss, John (who plays a mean game of cricket) and a few other friends from Kevin’s pre-RV work life.

From Boston we headed south to Narragansett, Rhode Island. We knew we’d be heading inland soon and Suzanne wasn’t ready to let go of the New England coast. We found a quiet park near the water and settled in for a few days. Suzanne’s friend Meredith lives in Warwick,Rhode Island, just north of Narragansett, so the two of them worked together one afternoon. Meredith made a delicious salad for lunch and Meredith’s cat, Gully, reminded Suzanne A LOT of Gonzo. In true Meredith fashion she also sent home a care package of leftovers and dessert for Kevin. Meredith is definitely one of those people we wished we lived closer to (although, we did discover that the RV would have fit in her driveway, so maybe one day we’ll live much closer than she ever imagined).

The night before we left Narragansett we visited the beach and then enjoyed drinks and appetizers on the patio at Turtle Soup, which was a recommendation from Meredith. It’s definitely a view we could get used to. It was fun to sit back and look out at the ocean and reminisce about last summer when we were getting married and had no idea that one year later we’d be sitting here looking out at the Atlantic Ocean and living out of an RV. We’re one year into our marriage and three months into our RV trip and we look forward to all of the adventures that lie ahead. See you on down the road…


2 thoughts on “Our First Anniversary

  1. so fun to read about your time in maine and new hampshire. don’t you LOVE portsmouth? it’s such a great place to walk around and hang out. prescott park is beautiful! (i went to UNH- right next door). and i love that you went to flo’s for hot dogs. glad you had such a memorable and fun time in new england!

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