Our Nation’s Capital

When most people head to Washington, D.C. they are excited to see AbeGeorge and Thomas. We were excited to see those guys, sure, but mostly we were excited to see Scott, Stephanie and Jessica.

Scott is Suzanne’s amazing younger brother, Stephanie is Scott’s amazing girlfriend, Jessica is our amazing friend from Seattle and we’ll talk about all three of them and their amazingness in just a minute.

When we left New York we headed straight to Washington, D.C. because Suzanne had another work trip on the calendar and was going to be flying out again in just a few days. We wanted to make sure that we not only had a chance to experience D.C. but that we had a chance to see a few very important people as well.

We parked the RV at Cherry Hill Park, which was just over the border in Maryland and convenient for getting into the city, even if it was a little too RV-parkish for our tastes. But really, it came down to two options. It was either Cherry Hill Park or a National Park Service park that had a self-imposed “tick and chigger warning” in progress. We decided RV-parkish was better than ticks and chiggers and we were pleased with our decision. We actually enjoyed our time at Cherry Hill and stayed a day longer than expected.

On our first day in town we met up with Scott at the Lincoln Memorial. Scott is much like his sister in the sense that you never know where you might find him or where he might show up. We expected to see him in New Jersey (and didn’t). We expected to see him in San Francisco (and won’t). We didn’t expect to see him in Washington, D.C. but are so glad we did.

We wandered around the National Mall together, visiting Abe, George and Thomas. We visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.  We also relaxed in the shade for awhile on the lawn so Molly and Wylie could have some quality time with their Uncle Scott. When it was time for dinner we made sure to find a restaurant with outdoor seating so we could continue to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The next day we met up with Scott again, but this time Stephanie was able to join us as well. The two of them had two great activity suggestions. We spent the first part of the day at the National Air and Space Museum out by Dulles Airport. It’s a sister location to the Air and Space Museum that’s located on the National Mall.  One of the highlights of the day was seeing the Space Shuttle Discovery, which is housed in a hangar at the museum. Discovery has flown more than any other spacecraft, having completed 39 missions in more than 27 years of service. It was amazing to be standing so close to it and to think about all of the time it’s spent in space. (Oh, wait, there’s been a correction. Kevin just said that the highlight for him was seeing the SR-71, aka the Blackbird. There’s a picture of it down below in the photo gallery. For the record, the official highlight is still the Space Shuttle, even though some members of the team may have other opinions).

After the museum we headed out to Sunset Hill Vineyard, which is just west of Leesburg, VA.  On Sunday afternoons they have live music and a local BBQ company comes in to sell food. We relaxed in the sunshine, had some food, enjoyed a glass of wine and listened to some pretty good cover music. We eventually headed inside to do a little wine tasting. It wasn’t that we wanted to drink any wine, but we felt like we should drink some wine because we were at a winery and that’s what you do at a winery. We didn’t want them to think that we didn’t like their wine, so we took one for the team and did a little wine tasting. To make it seem even more genuine we even tasted some of the wines twice.Yes, that’s right twice. We really can’t believe how selfless we are and how much we’ll do for the team. We hope the winery appreciated our efforts.

We didn’t say good bye to Scott and Stephanie at the end of our great day together. Instead we said, “See you on down the road”. Just like with this visit, there is no telling when we might have another unexpected opportunity to see these two cute kids and we’re looking forward to it already.

If you read the first paragraph closely (or if your names are Chris and Ferd) then you’re probably wondering when we’re going to talk about the third awesome person we mentioned at the beginning of this post: our friend Jessica. We referred to Jessica as a friend from Seattle, but really she is a friend from Seattle via Arizona via Michigan via Event 360. She and Suzanne have worked together for many years and were actually hired right around the same time, but it wasn’t until Jessica moved to Seattle a few years ago that we really had the opportunity to get to know her. We’re big fans. We’re also big fans of her parents, Chris and Ferd, who we met earlier in the trip when we stayed at their cottage in Michigan.

Jessica moved to Washington, D.C. a few months ago. We already know we’re going to miss her when we get back to Seattle at the end of the trip and come to terms with the fact that she’s not there, so we’re happy we had the opportunity to visit with her in her new city. She met up with us for brunch one morning and was a good sport about trying out a new restaurant that one of Kevin’s friends had recommended. Upon arrival, however, we all found it quite entertaining that the restaurant had the word “family” in the title. As noted in an earlier blog post, Kevin has issues about eating at “family” restaurants, so it was quite entertaining to see him actually eating at one. The food was quite delicious though, so we’ll see if this experience changes his opinion at all.

The next morning Suzanne took Jessica up on her generous offer of a work/lunch/laundry date and headed over to Jess’ very cute apartment. They worked, Suzanne did laundry and then they had lunch from a great little hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop across the street.

After a fantastic couple of days in D.C. we were back on the road. Suzanne had to catch a flight from Richmond, VA to Las Vegas, NV for work. It’s always interesting trying to book these work flights a few weeks out and anticipating where we’ll be. Kevin and the dogs dropped her off at the Richmond Airport and then headed south to Greensboro, NC where Kevin had client meetings that week as well.

During the drop-off at Richmond Airport Kevin actually made a new friend. One of the skycaps offered curbside check-in for the RV and then just kept asking Kevin questions. We think he really wanted a tour of the RV or he wanted to join the Vaya con Perros team. As Suzanne headed into the airport she wondered if Kevin would make some sort of arrangement with the skycap to have him help with the driving between there and Greensboro. Will Vaya con Perros have a new member when Suzanne returns? We’ll see…

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3 thoughts on “Our Nation’s Capital

  1. Back in 1968-1971, Pat and I lived on Cherry Hill Road in Beltsville, MD, about a mile from your RV park. Back then, it was all farmland. We would have taken you to The University of Maryland dairy school for the best ice cream ever. Also to dinner at Mrs K’s Toll House in Silver Spring. Sorry you were 41 years too late.
    Dennis & Pat

  2. Gene and I loved reading about your experience at the Dulles museum. We went soon after it opened; I thought i was just riding along to make him happy, but immediately realized a bit of that shock and awe response. One of the best parts of living in Columbia, MD was the Smithsonian immersion.

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