A Note from the Dogs

Dear Readers,

We wanted to let you know that the Vaya Con Perros team is alive and well.The last time our parents wrote to you we were heading out into rural west Texas and then you never heard from us again. Some of you have seen us in the last week or two and know that we’re okay but others may have been worrying about what happened to us. Since our parents seem to be too busy to write lately we thought we should send you all a quick note. We’re still doing well, we’re still on the road and we’re still making new friends.

Oh, you’re wondering how we were able to log onto the computer? Come on, we’re old dogs, we’ve been around the block. We know a thing or two. They think we’re sleeping all the time but we keep an eye on them. We memorized their passwords a long time ago and we may be arthritic but we’re able to type even though we don’t have opposable thumbs (Speaking of typing without opposable thumbs, have you seen Gonzo’s blog? Dang that cat is funny. We never paid him much attention when we all lived together in Seattle, but we’re seeing a different side of him now that we’ve had a chance to read about his antics in the country. We’re looking forward to reuniting with him in a few weeks.)

Anyway, we’re all doing great. Our parents will probably send you some updates soon. In the meantime, let’s keep this post as our little secret. We don’t want them to know how smart we really are.

Molly and Wylie

Wylie New Bed

Molly Hiding Under Bed


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