Eats and Treats and Our Oregon Peeps

We were going to call this blog postMcHenrys “Tri-Tipping and Cider Sipping” in honor of the delicious tri-tip we ate at Eats & Treats Cafe in Corvallis, which we then washed down with cider from 2 Towns Ciderhouse, but we decided it encompassed much more than that. And when we say that it encompassed much more than that, we’re really talking about our stomachs. Our stomachs encompassed much more than that. Sure, we ate delicious tri-tip at Eats & Treats, but we ate a lot of other delicious things as well. And when we say that it encompassed much more than that, we’re also talking about the people. It turns out that we know a lot of great people in Oregon.

Sandy and LyndaSandy and Lynda McHenry have been part of the Mooney family for as long as Suzanne can remember. When Lynda opened Via Verde Travel in 1981, Suzanne’s dad was her very first corporate client. Ken Mooney was traveling a lot in those days, so the Mooneys saw a lot of Lynda and it wasn’t too long before this business connection became a friend connection.

We had been looking forward to a visit with Sandy and Lynda for many months now, so we were excited to finally arrive at their home in Corvallis. They opened their own restaurant earlier this year and we were looking forward to seeing Eats & Treats in person. Suzanne has been eating McHenry BBQ for Treats30 years now and Sandy is famous for curing Suzanne of her vegetarianism in college. They also catered our wedding last year so we had no doubt that the food at Eats & Treats would be delicious. What we weren’t expecting, but also weren’t necessarily surprised by, was the fact that in addition to serving up delicious food, the cafe also serves up the same warm family feel that dinners at the McHenry house are famous for. They’ve somehow managed to take that family feel and replicate it at their restaurant. Repeat customers are greeted like family. New customers are greeted like family. And customers are often introduced to other customers during their meal and find themselves with new friends at the end of the evening. It’s the McHenry way.

KevinWe made a list for our friend Blanche the other day of everything we had eaten off of the Eats & Treats menu and when we looked at our list we realized that we had eaten a lot. No, really, A LOT. We won’t go into detail with you here, but trust us, we had five meals there in three days. If you have questions about anything on the Eats & Treats menu or if you need recommendations about what to order, just ask us. We consider ourselves to be somewhat – okay, very – knowledgeable on the topic. (Bottom line: it’s all delicious and you can’t go wrong.)

Pretty soon we were saying goodbye to the McHenrys (and to our girlish figures) and then we were off to Portland. For our first few days in Portland we parked the RV at the home of our friends Josh and Jill. While theLucy and Christmas Tree RV technically fit in their driveway, we found that we weren’t able to actually open the door to get out. So we moved it into the street because we figured there was no point in staying at their house if we couldn’t ever leave the RV to spend time with them. Josh and Jill were wonderful hosts and, in addition to serving us a homecooked dinner and breakfast AND letting us use their shower, they also provided us with our very first piece of Christmas flair: a wreath! The RV is looking quite festive now. We had a fun night out on the town with Josh and Jill and our friends Scott and Caroline, and then we got to see Scott and Caroline again on our last night in town. It had been way too long since we’d seen this crew and we were happy to be back together.

Being in Portland also meant a visit with Kevin’s niece, Lucy, and sister, Katy. We feel pretty lucky that we will get to see these two again very soon when we all rendezvous at Lucy SignKevin’s parents’ house for Christmas. Lucy is a much earlier riser than we are in the morning (and by “we”, we mean Suzanne) so in order to let Lucy know when everyone (aka Suzanne) was awake and it was okay to come out to the RV to visit us, we made her a special sign that we hung in the window to let her know that the coast was clear. We may need to repurpose this sign when we see her this week for Christmas.

While we were in Portland we also saw some friends who have already made an appearance in our blog. We saw Carrie and Emily, friends of ours who used to work with Suzanne at Event 360. This is Emily’s first time in the blog but we saw Carrie in Michigan over the summer so this is her Carrie and Emily second appearance in the blog (or maybe it’s her third if you count our visit to her parents’ donut shop in Kansas City this summer, but she wasn’t actually there for that experience so we’re not sure if that counts). Carrie and Emily both moved to Portland a few months ago and are having fun getting to know their new city together. We met up with them for happy hour one night and then they had Suzanne and the dogs over for dinner another night when Kevin was out of town. Molly and Wylie got to meet Emily’s dog, Daisy, who seemed intrigued by the geriatrics but was kind enough to put up with them. Everybody got along well and Daisy was a wonderful hostess (especially when Molly commandeered her bed under the Christmas tree).

Tom and MarinaWe also saw our friends Tom and Marina, who made an appeareance in our blog at the beginning of our trip when we saw them in Montana. They live in Portland but when we saw them in June they were on their way to Yellowstone for a camping trip while we were passing through Bozeman and the four of us were able to meet up for dinner. It was fun to see them again now that the trip is drawing to a close. If you’ve been following us since the beginning then you know that we met Tom and Marina on a snorkling trip in Belize two years ago and became fast friends.

We’d also like to give a quick shout out to Dr. Penny Jacobs and Berry Hill Veterinary Center in Oregon City, OR. Wylie was having a little issue while we were in Portland and needed to see a veterinarian. Even though we were a new client for them, Dr. Penny got us in for a same day appointment and she and her staff took great care of Wylie. They obviously love what they do (and they obviously love sweet old yellow labs). If you live near Portland and need a good vet, we highly recommend Dr. Penny.

If you know anything about geography then you know that Oregon and Washington are neighboring states. So the fact that we were just in Portland must mean that we’re almost home, right?! We’re not home yet but if you’re out and about doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in Washington today, keep your eyes open because you may just see us heading north on I-5. See you on down the road.


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