Sweet Molly Malone

Today is a sad day for Team Vaya Con Perros. We had to say good-bye to Molly Malone. It was sudden and unexpected and we miss her terribly. When we responded to this ad in August 2010 we had no idea how quickly “old lady chocolate lab” would work her way into our hearts and our lives:

Chocolate Lab

We feel fortunate to have had 2 1/2 years with Molly and she will always be with us in spirit. Her last months were spent traveling the country, meeting new people and snuggling with her best friend Wylie. We couldn’t have asked for a more gentle or loyal companion. We’ll see you on down the road, sweet Molly Malone.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Molly Malone

  1. Molly could not have had a more loving family to enfold her. I’m sure she would tell you that the last 2.5 years of her life were “simply the best.!

  2. What a great adventure she had in her last months! She was lucky to have you guys! We lost our ‘rescued’ dog, Mia in December. We had her for 16 years and she was around 2 years old when we got her.

  3. We loved our time with Molly and are so glad she had her last Thanksgiving with us. What a trooper she was when she walked all the way up the hill with us; not too many humans can do that! You and Kevin were lucky to have found her, and she was fortunate to have you guys and her best friend Wylie in her life.

  4. Oh, my friends. I am so sad to hear this. But know you were the best place for her to play out her days. What a better way than to spend time seeing the world (well, the US), experiencing new things, meeting new friends and spending time with the oldie but goodies. Give Wylie a little extra snuggle from me. Poor guy.

  5. We were so sad to hear this news. She was so fortunate to have you in her life, and I know you felt so lucky to have had her as long as you did. Safe travels, and we know she is with you in spirit. Love to you and Kevin and Wylie. Rockin’ Robertsons

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