On the Road Again

After spending five weeks at theThe Toad is now the Tow-er Jim and Ginny Connell RV Park in Lake Stevens, WA, we are back on the road. When Kevin’s sister Katy came home for Christmas and discovered that even though we were “home” we were actually still living in the RV in their parents’ driveway (instead of moving into the house) she diagnosed us with Stockholm Syndrome. We laughed it off but maybe there was some truth to that. In total we lived in the RV for 8 months and after all that time it was difficult to say goodbye. (No, actually it wasn’t difficult at all. We are thrilled to be moving into a house that doesn’t need to be driven to the dump station once a week to have its tanks emptied).

On the Road AgainSo here we are, back on the road. We’re heading towards Savannah and our next life adventure. This is a get-across-the-country-quickly roadtrip, not a sightseeing roadtrip. We’ve had long days and short nights and just one quick stop to see friends. We gave Tricia and Dean about 5 hours notice yesterday that we would be coming through Kansas City and they pulled together a delicious BBQ dinner for us in record time. It seemed like they’d been preparing for our visit for weeks instead of hours. Spending an evening with friends was a nice break from the pedal to the metal pace we’ve been keeping as we watch the country fly by.

It feels really strange not to have Molly Mollywith us on this trip but we’re traveling with a picture of her on the dash and she’s definitely here with us in spirit. Wylie is still the same wonderful, loveable, dependable Wylie that he’s always been. He’s snoring in the back of the 4Runner as we write this post and he’s been having fun testing out hotel pillows across the country. The new addition to the team for this trip is our cat, Gonzo. We didn’t know how he’d do in the car because, if you remember, he stayed behind with our friends Rebecca and Alan during the RV trip. But it turns out that he’s a really great traveler. He spends most of his time sleeping in the lap of whoever isn’t driving. We think he’ll be glad to get out of the car and settle back down into a normal routine, but for now he’s going with the flow.

Lap Cat 3000We don’t have a ton of pictures to share because we’ve been moving so quickly, but we did stop to take some pictures of the snow the other day. The section of road between Billings, MT and Cheyenne, WY was especially treacherous. For miles at a time we never saw asphalt, just snow and ice. Kevin’s ninja driving skills saw us through safely though. And we’re happy to be heading south now towards warmer weather!

We should be arriving in Savannah tomorrow just in time to find somewhere to watch the Super Bowl. We’ve rented a house and we’ll be able to move right in when we get to town. We’re not sure how long we’ll keep the blog going now that the RV trip is officially over, but we do plan to keep you updated for awhile as our adventures unfold in Savannah.

We’ll see you on down the road (And hopefully, we’ll see you in Savannah. We have a guest room, come visit!)


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

    1. Hi Chivahn! I don’t know why I’m just seeing this comment now, but thank you! I will miss seeing you every few months. It’s going to be tough to find someone here who I trust with my hair! You’re a tough act to follow.

  1. I almost missed this post, and if I did, I would’ve missed Suzanne’s great new hat! Best wishes in your new home! Hugs, Pat and Dennis

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