Making a House a Home

A house isn’t a home until the dogs have somewhere to sleep. Like any good dog parents, as we settle into The Bullet and prepare for our trip, one of our top priorities is making sure that the dogs will be comfortable.

One of the reasons we chose The Bullet is because we like what’s called the “Rear Lounge” layout. At the back of the trailer we have two comfortable chairs that recline and swivel in front of a large window. We imagined ourselves facing the window and drinking mojitos together as we gazed out across whichever body of water we happened to be parked at that day.

Rear Lounge.jpg

As it turns out, the best place to put a giant dog bed without having it be in the walkway is right where one of those two chairs happens to be. The chairs aren’t permanently mounted to the floor, so removing one and storing it until we get back isn’t a big deal. However, this means that one of us will be drinking mojitos and gazing out the window with the dogs while the other one…isn’t.

Dog modifications

We haven’t committed to this dog bed placement yet, but as we continue to make this house a home the comfort level of the dogs will definitely be a priority. If you’ve ever met us, we’re sure you’re not surprised.

Cleanliness was very important to us as we looked at used RVs (ironic, isn’t it, since we’re about to move a pack of animals into The Bullet). We wanted to buy a lightly-used trailer rather than something that had been lived in for an extended period of time. The Bullet is very clean. In fact, it looks like it was barely used at all. The inside is in great shape, and last weekend we took the pressure washer to the outside of it, including the awning.

Washing the awning

Part of the fun of traveling is preparing for the trip. Over the next few weeks we’ll continue to settle in and make The Bullet our own. Today, we brought over these great towels that our friend Angela recently gave us. They are perfect for the occasion. In no time at all, dog hair will truly be both a condiment and a fashion accessory in The Bullet and it will finally feel like home. We’ll see you on down the road!






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