Trip Preparations

With less than three weeks left until we start our journey, we have picked up the pace at which we are accomplishing items on our long list of “things to do before we leave our house and travel the country for 6 months with old dogs.”

This past weekend, for example, we installed a kayak rack on the back of the truck. It arrived in two cardboard boxes, with many pieces and no instructions, so it was a good test in teamwork and communication. We are happy to say that we passed. We are also happy to say that when we took the kayaks and their rack for a test drive on the way to lunch with our friend Cyrena, we didn’t lose either kayak on I-16. Very exciting.


We had been hoping to take The Bullet out for a trial overnight trip to Skidaway Island State Park over Presidents’ Day Weekend, but we ended up having a lot going on and weren’t able to make that happen. We did, however, take it out for a test drive. Despite the fact that Suzanne stayed within the boundaries of the Lowe’s parking lot the entire time she was driving, she still considers her test drive to be a success. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


That same night, we made dinner at The Bullet. It’s parked on a piece of property about 20 minutes from our house, so it felt like a mini-getaway even though we didn’t spend the night. We made a delicious dinner of chicken, asparagus, and couscous using the grill and the stovetop (which both work, hooray!). We may have also had a PBR or two. While we were eating we made note of a few more things we need, like outdoor lights as flair for the awning, but The Bullet is definitely starting to feel like home.


In addition to the kayak rack installation, the test drive, and our first dinner at The Bullet, we also just rented out our house, which has been one of the big items sitting at the top of our ‘to do’ list. The renters will move in 24 hours after we move out, which should be just enough time to get rid of all of the dog hair. We love our house in Savannah and we will definitely miss it, but adventure awaits. Plus, we have a very cozy little home that is eager to see the country and is just waiting for us to hitch it up to the truck and head out. We’ll see you on down the road!



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