The Forgotten Coast

The Forgotten Coast is a quiet stretch of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico that has somehow managed to avoid overdevelopment and crowds. We would love to see it stay that way. So we will tell you about our time there and then we want you to forget that we ever mentioned it. Deal? When we headed west into … More The Forgotten Coast

Friends and Alligators

When we left Tomoka State Park we headed south to Edgewater, Florida. We knew we would be seeing our friends Jenn and Jessica over the weekend because we were planning to park The Bullet in their driveway. We also knew we would probably be seeing alligators over the weekend too because we were planning to … More Friends and Alligators

Tomoka State Park

After a hectic couple of weeks getting ready for the trip, Tomoka State Park was the perfect first stop for us. The park’s quiet, laid-back atmosphere gave us a chance to take a deep breath and relax, and it gave the dogs a chance to catch up on their nap time. Just kidding, we all know that the … More Tomoka State Park

Meet the Dogs

We run a rescue for senior dogs. At any given time there are between three and seven dogs at our house, plus dogs in foster care. Our wedding vows allowed for three dogs (well, two plus an emergency, which obviously means three) but that was before Suzanne started Retired Retrievers. Once the rescue got going we had to renegotiate. Five is … More Meet the Dogs