The Adventure Has Begun

We’ve known for about two months now that we would be packing up our lives (and our dogs) and hitting the road for 6+ months. Somehow, it still snuck up on us. We’ve had a busy couple of days trying to prepare ourselves for the trip, while also preparing our house for the couple who will be renting it while we’re away. Somehow we managed to get it all done. At 11:05am EDT yesterday, March 14, we were all packed up and heading out of Savannah.

The Bullet March 14

It’s Day 2 of the trip and if the last 36 hours are any indication of how the rest of the trip will go, the old dogs will spend a lot of time napping, and we will spend a lot of time kayaking.

Noah in the RV

Snappah the Nappah

Kayaking March 2016

We have lots more to talk about, including our RV going away party, but the old dogs are all tucked in for the night and we’re about to do the same. More soon! We’ll see you on down the road.


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