Tomoka State Park

After a hectic couple of weeks getting ready for the trip, Tomoka State Park was the perfect first stop for us. The park’s quiet, laid-back atmosphere gave us a chance to take a deep breath and relax, and it gave the dogs a chance to catch up on their nap time. Just kidding, we all know that the dogs have no nap time to catch up on because they don’t let anything get in the way of their sleep. But they sure are cute. This is what a typical night looks like in The Bullet. Slumber party!

Slumber Party

Anyway, Tomoka State Park, yes, it’s great. We were there for four nights and had the opportunity to try out three different spots. Apparently some people plan further ahead than we do, so we had to piece together our stay by spot-hopping since there wasn’t one spot available for four straight nights in a row. But really that just makes us better qualified to have an opinion about the park since we had a more diverse experience there than the planner-aheaders.

One of the goals of this trip is to spend as much time on the water as possible, and Tomoka provided plenty of opportunities to kayak. We launched from a few different spots at the park. Our favorite was Strickland Creek. We were out for a few hours and never saw another boat or person.

Kevin Kayaking

Suzanne was convinced that as soon as we crossed the Florida state line we would see alligators left and right. Every time we kayaked at Tomoka she was on high-alert for gators, but we never saw one. This alligator at Tomoka Brewery was the only gator we saw that first week. He seemed like a pretty easy going guy, so we wouldn’t have minded seeing him in the water, but apparently he prefers to spend his time at the bar. We can’t blame him, the beer was good.

Alligators Love Beer

While we were in the area, we had lunch at The Pig Stand, which we highly recommend. It’s right off of I-95 at Exit 273. It was seriously so good. We both had The Burnt End sandwich and are still dreaming about it. If you have reason to be in the area definitely check it out.

Pig Stand Menu


At this point, life is good on the road. We’re both still working remotely, so we typically kayak first thing in the morning or after work. We discuss our conference call schedules the night before so we can figure out if we overlap, in which case Kevin goes out and takes his call from the truck and Suzanne takes her call from inside the RV. The dogs have had some adjusting to do. Noah isn’t thrilled about Snapper’s lack of spatial awareness, which means Noah sometimes gets stepped on, but overall they seem to be adjusting to their new home and life.

We are also very happy with our choice of RV at this point. The Class A Motorhome that we had in 2012 would not have been allowed at Tomoka State Park. They max out at 34 feet there and our Class A was 36 feet. The Bullet is 30-feet long, which is still a big RV, but with Kevin’s expert backing skills we didn’t have any trouble getting into our spots. And we love the rear-lounge layout of The Bullet – the ever-changing view out our huge back window definitely keeps life interesting and makes for a great home office. We’ll see you on down the road!

Home Office

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