The Forgotten Coast

The Forgotten Coast is a quiet stretch of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico that has somehow managed to avoid overdevelopment and crowds. We would love to see it stay that way. So we will tell you about our time there and then we want you to forget that we ever mentioned it. Deal?

Pinky Swear

When we headed west into the Florida Panhandle during our 2012 RV Trip, we expected to endure this stretch of road rather than enjoy it. We assumed we would start seeing high-rise condos, discount t-shirt stores, and college students on spring break as soon as we hit the coast. Instead, we found sleepy little fishing towns with beautiful beaches and friendly people. The Forgotten Coast quickly became one of our favorite parts of the country.

Fun fact: We seriously considered moving here
before we settled down in Savannah, Georgia.

The Forgotten Coast.jpg

When we came through here the first time we ended up at Ho Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, Florida, by default. We were going down the list of RV parks in the area and Ho Hum had a last-minute spot available when we called (at the last minute, of course) so we took it sight unseen and are glad we did. The park sits right on the Gulf of Mexico, is run by really nice people, is clean and well-maintained, and, most importantly, is super pet-friendly. (The dogs got a treat every time they even looked at the main office). We had such a positive experience here in 2012 that we knew we would be back.

Ho Hum RV Park.jpg

When we pulled into Ho Hum on Sunday, March 20, after a 6+ hour drive from Jenn and Jessica’s house in Edgewater, Florida, we were greeted with a smile and another great spot just steps from the water. We had nice neighbors, we were situated along the route people walk when taking their dogs out for potty breaks (dog parade!), and we could basically launch our kayaks from our front door. It really doesn’t get much better than that (especially the part about getting to see everyone’s dogs multiple times a day).

In addition to making new dog friends at Ho Hum, we also ate a lot of oysters during our time along The Forgotten Coast. No really, like, a lot. The oysters were so fresh it was almost as if we were picking them ourselves. We had raw oysters from Up the Creek Raw Bar:

Up The Creek Oysters.jpg

We had oysters that Kevin bought from Millender & Sons Seafood and then skillfully grilled at home:

Oysters by Kevin.jpg

We had more raw oysters at Indian Pass Raw Bar. (Kevin had a Tabasco incident, which is why that one shell on the right has some excess hot sauce in it):

Indian Pass Raw Bar.jpg

When we weren’t eating oysters we were kayaking. We may have gotten a little bit spoiled living this close to the water. Here’s a picture Suzanne took from her kayak looking back at Ho Hum (and at Kevin and our trailer, aka The Bullet).

Ho Hum Kevin FB 2

Kevin had to make a quick business trip to Boston while we were parked at Ho Hum. So off he went to a place where it is still cold at this time of year, while Suzanne stayed behind at the beach to make new friends and keep exploring.

We saw the Go Pet Friendly RV roll into camp and had to go check it out, of course. Suzanne and Noah wandered over one afternoon and met Amy, who is super nice and gave Noah lots of love. Amy and her husband Rod and their two dogs, Ty and Buster, founded to provide travel advice and information about pet-friendly destinations to make life on the road more fun and interesting for dogs and their humans. Noah says you should visit their website and Facebook page.

Go Pet Friendly.jpg

Suzanne took her bike over to St. George Island one morning to check out their bike bath. She risked getting pummeled by a thunderstorm, but it was worth it. She had the trail all to herself and, other than it being a little windy (and having to ride through a few water obstacles created by the previous night’s rain), it was a great day to ride. The trail is 12 miles round-trip, parallel to but separate from the road, and paved the whole way. Thanks to St. George Island for being so bike-friendly!

St George Bike Path.jpg

Kevin returned from Boston late Friday night and we packed up and headed out on Saturday morning. It’s probably good that we moved on when we did. After nearly a week at one of our favorite RV parks in one of our favorite places, we were ready to build a porch on The Bullet and settle down for good. Don’t worry, Forgotten Coast, we will be back. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you next time.

We continued west and spent a very rainy Saturday night at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park near Cape San Blas. From what we’ve seen on the internet it’s a beautiful park. Unfortunately we couldn’t see much through the rain and we stayed hunkered down inside The Bullet the entire time we were there. It’s definitely a place we will return to when there isn’t a giant storm sitting over the Gulf.

Oh, we did see a deer…in the rain…through the truck window, so that was fun.

St Joe Deer.jpg

We are now settled in for the week at Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola, Florida. The weather has returned to normal (aka it’s sunny and  beautiful) and life is good. We talked to the couple renting our house in Savannah and it sounds like all is well back at home, too. They are taking care of our cat because they are animal lovers like us and we didn’t think Gonzo would enjoy RV life too much. But if you talk to Gonzo please don’t tell him that our neighbors at Ho Hum took their harness-wearing cats for walks on the beach multiple times a day. He might decide that RV life would have been more fun than staying home after all. We’ll see you on down the road!

Cat on a leash
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