We Did Not Move to Utah

At the end of our last blog post we had just arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park. That was six weeks ago. Some of you may have thought the lack of any new blog posts since then meant that we found somewhere to homestead, built a porch on the RV, and decided to become residents of the great state of Utah. However, that is not the case. (We borrowed this picture from the internets.)

RV Carport.jpeg

We did spend quite a bit of time in Utah and we loved exploring that beautiful part of the country, but we have traveled many miles since then. Right now we are parked in Kevin’s parents’ driveway in Lake Stevens, Washington. The lack of new blog posts is simply because we’ve let ourselves get busy doing other equally important things, like chauffeuring small children around the lake on a stand up paddle board. This is a picture of Kevin and his nephew Jaiden.

SUP Jaiden Kevin

So we have some catching up to do, but we wanted to let you know that we are alive and well and still traveling. The biggest update since our last post is that we had to say goodbye to Noah very suddenly and unexpectedly. We’re not ready to blog about that experience yet, we still miss our big guy too much.

But we weren’t dogless for long. After just a few weeks of looking at Noah’s empty dog bed, we stopped at a shelter in Oregon and added 11-year old Jake to the family. No one will ever replace Noah, but it feels good to give another shelter dog a home and Jake makes us smile every day. We have no doubt Noah would be happy to know that another dog will get to continue the journey he started.

For now, we’ll leave you with our first family photo with Jake, compliments of one of the shelter employees. In the coming weeks we’ll share the rest of our recent adventures with you and will tell you more about our newest four-legged family member. See you on down the road!

First Family Photo Jake 2 FB




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