About Us

Suzanne, Kevin, Wylie and Molly

Kevin has spent most of his career working in Information Technology for large companies and more recently started down the entrepreneurial path. He has a few “side” businesses he is desperately trying to grow into enough mostly-passive income to sustain the lifestyle to which his wife is accustomed while allowing time to travel. He still enjoys working with technology and, of course, long moonlit walks on the beach.

Suzanne loves old dogs. Like, really loves them. A lot. She also loves writing, running marathons, and working with non-profits on their communication and fundraising efforts. Having previously lived above a horse stall in Italy, in a dorm room at the Meadowlands racetrack in New Jersey, and other random places, Suzanne is used to simple living. She found the transition to RV life to be an easy one during the first trip and anticipates that this time will be the same. She also enjoys moonlit walks on the beach, as long as the dogs can come too.


Update August 2016: I can’t believe we still haven’t updated this page! We’ll get to that soon. We are currently sharing the RV trip with Jake, our 11-year old yellow lab, but he is not one of the dogs who started the trip with us. More soon! 

Update January 2016: Molly and Wylie are the two dogs we had with us on the 2012 trip. At this point we’re not sure which dogs (or how many dogs) will join us on the 2016 trip. Also, as you will read below, Gonzo stayed with our friends Rebecca and Alan last time. At this point we’re planning to bring him with us. Stay tuned for the animal update in March once we know who is coming with us!

Molly Malone is our sensitive child. A senior chocolate lab of unknown origins, Molly came into our lives in August 2010 through our favorite non-profit, Old Dog Haven. We may not know what Molly’s life was like before she ended up in a shelter but we’re glad she’s here with us now. We love her for her gentle nature and fiercely loyal personality (some might call it “co-dependence”). Molly’s two favorite things in life are being loved and playing a good game of fetch.

Wylie is our carefree child. Despite being 12 years old and completely blind, Wylie is one of the happiest dogs we have ever met. He came into our lives through Old Dog Haven in October 2010 but with a much different story than Molly’s. Wylie had a wonderful, loving family with whom he’d spent his entire life but when they made the decision to move out of the country they knew they couldn’t put him through that difficult transition. We are thrilled that our life paths crossed with theirs – we ended up with a huggable loveable geriatric dog AND wonderful new friends!

A special shout-out to our cat, Gonzo, who we know would not enjoy being cooped up in an RV for 6 months. He is a free-spirited cat who loves to snuggle inside at night and roam the outdoors by day, so we found him a loving home for the duration of our trip. We will miss him dearly while we are away.  (Thank you Rebecca and Alan for welcoming Gonzo into your home!)


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kevin and Suzanne; We are Joe and Elaine Nelson, the parents of Stephanie; Scotts beautiful, smart, brilliant, and special girlfriend. Our home is just north of Houston, Texas. When you are in this area on your ‘RVing around America’ trip we would love to meet you and treat you to some homemade Texas BBQ cooked on our family built pit.

  2. Well hell-o to the four of you. I’am Stephanie Nelson dad and have lived in my travel trailors for 7 years while working for the Union Pacific Railroad instead of staying in a motel. I am retired since August but I want you to look into the Good Sams Club. I have been a member since 2005 when I purchased my first RV. They provide alot of services to help you during your travels and stays. If you do not know about them and what they provide look them up on http://www.GoodSam.com or feel free to call me and I will gladley talk to you. My cell is 281-732-3773 anytime. Have fun and you will meet alot of great people on the road. Make sure you take pictures and journal you trip and laugh alot about your screw ups, We all have had them that travel.

    1. Thanks Joe and Elaine! We look forward to meeting you and finding out where Stephanie got her good looks and charming personality. We will definitely check out the Good Sam’s Club and we will let you know if we have any questions. We’re already looking forward to homemade Texas BBQ! Thank you for the warm welcome!

  3. Have you written anything on here about traveling with the dogs. We LOVE our dog and are planning to head out full-time, but when I read the “rules” for various parks and campgrounds, it sounds so IMPOSSIBLE (especially when they say you can’t leave your dog unattended in your vehicle). We plan to do a lot of exploring on this adventure….so how does that work? Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Hello! Sorry for taking a few days to respond. We don’t have a specific page on our blog with advice about RV’ing with dogs, but after seeing this comment I think we’ll add one. Thanks for the great idea!

      For now, here’s some information: You should definitely take your dog with you. Most of the people we met on the road had dogs with them and not only is it a fun adventure for you and your dog, but it’s also a great way to meet other RVers.

      Yes, some of the parks have strict rules, but most of the rules are in place to respect the other RV park visitors. You obviously need to pick up after your dog and sometimes they’ll have specific areas where you need to walk your dog. And when they say you can’t leave your dog unattended in your vehicle, the scenario they are trying to avoid is a dog barking for hours and annoying everyone else in the park while its owners are off sightseeing. Our dogs are old and don’t bark so we often left them in the RV and they napped while we were sightseeing. So it mostly depends on your dog’s personality and temperament.

      And the only other issue I can think of is if you have what they call an “aggressive breed” dog. Some parks would not allow breeds like pit bulls, rottweilers, mastiffs, etc. Probably an insurance issue?

      I’ll post more info soon – but I hope this helps for now. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Once you have an idea of where you may be spending the first part of your journey we can also probably recommend some of our favorite dog-friendly parks.

      Happy RV’ing!

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